Peter Tyson

I am a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker. I offer workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking. Through these services, I aim to assist you in your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals. My specialty is effective workforce training.

Our Workforce Training Dilemma

Just-in-time and on-the-job training may get the team through in a pinch. But their focus is mainly on the What and How of the tasks and skills required for our jobs. However, a coordinated, well-thought-out approach to training and development of the workforce pays huge dividends in the long run.  It is a win-win proposition, that starts with improved productivity for well-informed workers. Then, a continual introspective look at the processes and procedures within the organization. Simply put, this focuses on and provides an understanding of Why we do What we do. Together, the two contribute to overall mission accomplishment.

What I Do: Effective Workforce Training

During a workshop or across the lunch table, I explain new concepts and principles with personal examples and anecdotes in the classroom. I gained my experiences from 21 years as a US Navy Officer, helicopter test pilot, test pilot instructor, program manager, system engineer, and leader.  During that career, I spent time on both sides of the classroom, as a student and as an instructor. From that experience, my teaching objectives are simple. They start with making every second in the training room memorable. Then, I make sure that they are enjoyable. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I work to create a training environment worthy of the investment of our most precious commodity – our time!  I have found that students are open and receptive to new knowledge and skills when not bored or distracted. This includes adult learners in the workforce training environment.

My Experience

Currently, I introduce new flight test engineering professionals to the discipline of Test and Evaluation, Test Planning, and Test Reporting. Also, I instruct in the areas of Logistics, Sustainment, and Program Management. My workforce training covers risk-based decision making, critical thinking, and communication skills.  Additionally, I conduct workshops with individual teams, concentrating on leadership skills, team dynamics, mission/vision formulation, and planning. Lastly, I lead training seminars (with practical exercises and real-time feedback), teach how to be an effective workforce trainer, and help others develop improved communication skills, to become confident, engaging, and dynamic public speakers. Follow the link to read more about my workforce training and teaching experience.

My Passion

I enjoy seeing people’s reaction when the complicated becomes simple. Additionally, I like it when the forest appears among the trees. Nothing is better than watching the big picture come into focus for a student.  I am ready to help others learn. I am motivated not just by the how and what in our lives, but most importantly the why behind what and how we do it.

Next Steps…

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