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Executive Communication [ECMC]

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This is a 1, 2, or 3-day interactive in-person class designed to help leaders become effective public speakers. This class is built around leadership and dynamic speaking principles, with exercises to practice what you learn. Throughout ECMC you’ll gain courage, knowledge, and skill.

This class is led by Peter Tyson. He took a similar communication class years ago that changed his life! His desire in teaching Executive Communication is to pass on his knowledge and experience in hopes that this class will change YOUR life.

ECMC is currently being offered in California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

Professional Writing [PWMC]

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This class is open to anyone looking to hone their writing craft. Throughout this class, we cover techniques of professional writing, written communication best practices, and lessons learned. This class includes an in-depth discussion of critical thinking, logical analysis, and a template for thorough communication ideas. 

PWMC is a 2-day class and can be customized to meet specific writing tasks and goals.

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