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Looki Notes

The Situation

You need Looki Notes. Let me tell you why.

Our lives have certainly changed. People do not “go into the office” anymore. Instead, they work from home. I’m not sure about your schedule, but I no longer have “back-to-back-to-back” meetings lined up for my afternoons. Instead, my team collaborates online, and my inbox is peppered with meeting invites. Each of them contains a link to a video conferencing service. Recently, I have used Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx Meeting, WebEx Training, Uber Meeting, GoToMeeting… All of these services talk about “hosting meetings” and thus we obediently obey. We “meet” by video conference every day.

But, we don’t ever truly meet. We video chat in a disconnected way, each of us in our own office bubble, clearly engaged in a half-dozen other tasks as solitary voices drone on. The issue is that in-person eye-to-eye contact is lost.

Why is it a Problem?

Smiling face of an individual engaged in a virtual meeting, using Looki Notes, with eyes fixed toward the camera.  She appears engaging, connected, and interested.
Eye Contact in the Virtual World,
with Looki Notes

Communicating in the virtual world means that you’re most likely spending hours talking to a computer screen with your face inches away from a wide-angle lens.  The webcam is hidden on the edge of the screen, intentionally blending into the border and barely noticeable.

While video chatting, it’s quite natural to want to look at your audience on your screen to read body language and gestures in the same way as when talking face-to-face. It is only natural. But there’s the rub – the image of your audience is not at the webcam. Due to the distances and angles involved, looking at your screen appears to others like you are looking everywhere except at them! You lose the most common thing in dynamic public speaking – eye contact. To fix this, you must intentionally remember to search for your audience in the lens of your webcam.

The Solution

Stop looking away from your audience.
Look them in their eye!

It’s really that simple. Looki Notes remind you where to focus. It gives you a target. You will still be able to use your peripheral vision to gather feedback from your audience, but to them, you will appear engaged, interested, and indeed, talking to them. See the difference it makes – they sit up straighter, they pay more attention, they may even smile! The change that Looki Notes bring to your virtual presence during a video conference is immediate. The effect that this will have on your team is noticeable and beneficial.

Looki Notes work on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Step 1: Place a Looki on your computer or device with the webcam lens centered in the Looki hole.
  • Step 2: Looki reminds you where to look when speaking!
  • Bonus:  Slide the Looki left or right to cover the camera and turn it off!

How to Get Looki Notes

Do you want help connecting during virtual communication? Click Here!

Also available in 25-note Looki Notes Packs.

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