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Executive Communication Master Class (ECMC)

Executive Communication Master Class DESCRIPTION:

Executive Communication Master Class (ECMC) by P H Tyson & Associates is designed for leaders, executives, briefers, facilitators, and teachers who desire to improve public speaking abilities, learn new methods to create spontaneous and engaging talks, and inject passion and drive to their message.  The course is for anyone who will be speaking in front of an audience in an informative, influencing, or instructive role. Tailoring of the master class allows it to meet the specific needs of each audience.

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The Executive Communication Master Class focuses on basic principles of public speaking and includes a review and demonstration of techniques for preparation and delivery of engaging talks to support briefing, inspirational, or instructional content.  Additionally, it covers the skills required to interject personal stories and anecdotes to craft memorable, enjoyable, and effective communication.  The course reviews the “dos” and “don’ts” of public speaking. During the course, students will become aware of their own unique style. The key principles of dynamic speaking will give them the ability to rid their presentations of undesirable, distracting, or ineffective habits and replace them with desirable traits.  The master class provides concrete positive examples and effective practice that professionals need to succeed in the fast-paced, information-driven, communication-intense marketplace.

Executive Communication RATIONALE:

To be effective, communicators must develop an awareness of how image, presentation style, and demeanor impact their target audience.  For example, their personal traits—eye contact, speech, smile, posture, dress, grooming, etiquette, voice inflection, diction, listening, and language—either add to or detract from effectiveness.  Effective leaders must understand that only a portion of their message is verbal while the majority is nonverbal.  Therefore, communication occurs in scores of indirect and subtle ways. By understanding these ways, they will be more successful at accomplishing communication objectives either vertically with senior leadership and the team they lead, or horizontally with their peers.  Additionally, essential communication skills allow people to interact with customers, program stakeholders, and industry partners effectively.

Master Class TOPICS:

  • Techniques for gaining greater poise, self-confidence, and authority in the conference room
  • Content, organization, and delivery of presentations (how something is said may be more important than what is said)
  • Using body language to convey assertiveness
  • Principles for effective dynamic speaking
  • Formulas for organizing impromptu presentations quickly, efficiently, and powerfully (e.g., PREP)
  • How a person’s manner of dress communicates presence and their message
  • Considerations for projecting a positive image
  • How to look confident even when one doesn’t feel that way
  • Putting the room at ease:  how to act/speak when under stress from a hostile audience
  • Natural ways to inject humor

Executive Communication Master Class SCOPE AND DURATION:

The Executive Communication Master Class is for up to twelve students in a classroom setting. The class includes multiple video/audio recordings of each student’s presentations, conducted over three consecutive days.  To maximize training value, consider conducting the training away from the normal place of work to minimize distractions.  Students may be requested to complete pre-training questionnaires.  However, all students are requested to complete post-training surveys and provide feedback on training effectiveness.  Homework assigned at the end of the first and second days requires several hours of student preparation. Then, the next day’s session allows students an opportunity for recorded/critiqued practice of concepts presented and prepared.

I have been through many classes, undergraduate, graduate, and many government training courses over the years.

This will hands down be the class I remember and look back to draw lessons learned from for the REST OF MY LIFE!

ECMC Student

1 thought on “Executive Communication Master Class (ECMC)”

  1. Debra Vavrus, CDR USN

    This was, by far, the best training I’ve received at NAVAIR University!!! Peter Tyson is an extraordinary teacher, facilitator, and public speaker. His exceptional use of multimedia, coupled with his patience and positive attitude made this training extremely beneficial and enjoyable. The class was extremely engaging and filled with useful knowledge that people in any profession can use! Thank you for sharing your talent and skills with all of us! I feel like a better public speaker already. Well done Mr. Tyson!

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