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Writing Compelling Emails

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Get your ideas heard, understood, and acted upon.

One of the most often used and misused office tools is email. In Writing Compelling Emails, we review the common mistakes, best practices, and lessons learned to help streamline receipt, processing, and answering the never-ending stream of communication that comes straight and unfiltered to our desks and phones. The course covers the components of a message, gives templates for responding, and vital concepts to make your communication clear, concise, and impactful. Professional reputations spring from what people see and hear from us.  Email is our most common and frequent interface with others in the office and at home.

Hands at a computer keyboard writing emails
Get your ideas heard, understood,
and acted upon

Included in the Writing Compelling Emails course:

  • How to make your email clear, concise, and impactful
  • Common mistakes
  • Best practices and lessons learned – including the One Thing Rule!
  • Components of a message
  • Templates for responding to messages

The Writing Compelling Emails course is intended for anyone who routinely receives and sends emails in the office and in the home.  It includes resource recommendations and a downloadable pocket reference guide.

This course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the 7 lessons.

What email is supposed to be Preview How we get there: Pulitzer's Advice Attitude, Awareness, Action Be Reader-Centered Be Writer-Centered Do Focus on Style Do Create Polished Documents