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Classes and resources for Elementary, Middle, and High School students

The Battleground of Teaching Writing to your Children.

Unlike other subjects, writing is often taken personally by the student. No matter how the parent tries to critique or guide their student in how to correct their writing, the student is easily offended and feels as though the parent is picking on them or that they just don’t like their writing. This opens the door to the well-known battleground of parent and child fighting over anything involving writing. However, when a non-parent teaches writing techniques or tries to critique the writing, the student is open and willing to work on their suggestions without taking offense. The battleground vanishes instantly! I am a writing teacher and even I paid someone to teach my kids writing when we were homeschooling. It was instant relief for them AND me!

Online Classes


Essay Writing/Literature Book Study

Essay writing and literature are combined to provide the average high school student the opportunity to earn the required language arts credit. We will use The Elegant Essay by Lesha Myers and The Book Thief by Mark Zusk.


Analytical Literature

Literature study and composition instruction are combined so that the yearly Language Arts high school credit may be completed. We will use Windows to the World – An Introduction to Literary Analysis by Lesha Myers…


Workplace Writing

Whether a student is college bound or headed to the working world after high school, there is still a need to know how to present yourself professionally through your writing. In this class, we will learn how to properly complete professional emails, job applications…


IEW Writing & Literature Classes

Although there’s an opportunity to use additional themed writing books, we currently offer a 5-7th grade writing course using The Wonders of Science Writing Lessons textbook. 


Private Tutoring & Homework Help


IEW Writing & Literature Classes

These classes can be just a writing class with instruction, practice, individualized editing help, and assignments, OR a combination of writing AND literature studies using readers set in each particular time period, OR just as a literature class alone…

In-Person Class


World Mapping

Using David Smith’s Mapping the World By Heart, this course will guide Middle School and High School students through a comprehensive study of the world. We’ll improve our mapping skills as we learn about the continents and their geographic features.

Reading Club

Parents tell me all the time that their children just aren’t reading as much as they should. They worry that their students will fall below grade level in their comprehension and reading skills. It seems like a constant battle for most families. My reading clubs will help with this dilemma by offering time each week to read and discuss interesting books together.

Although kids will get to practice articulating their thoughts on the story and will discuss characters, plot, events, vocabulary, and author’s techniques, the emphasis will be on encouraging the pure enjoyment of reading and appreciation of the story.

Cathy Backhaus


I’ve been teaching in various capacities and school systems from Elementary K-8, High School, Bible Studies, and Homeschooling Co-ops since 1977 and utilized a wide variety of writing curricula.

My passion is teaching! I love working with children of all ages and encouraging families in the education of their children. I believe in equipping my students with tools that will give them confidence as they write. Rather than expecting them to just invent something intriguing on a blank piece of paper, I prefer to watch them grow in their knowledge of these tools and their ability to use them proficiently.

If you have any questions about classes, tutoring, coaching, or resources for your child, feel free to send me an email!

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