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Peter Tyson

After a career as US Navy Helicopter Test Pilot, Instructor, and Acquisition Professional, I fell in love with organizational and Personal Growth and Development, Leadership Training, and Communication/Public Speaking education. Now I inspire others to Dream more, Learn more, Do more, and Become more as leaders.

Find the Lead

  • 5 min read

You didn’t write it, but now you are to present it. You didn’t make the slides, but now you are to teach it. It’s not… Read More »Find the Lead

The One-Thing Rule for Email

  • 5 min read

What is the rule? Simply this: When writing an email, discuss only one topic. The corollary to the rule is that the subject line must accurately reflect the same topic.

Why Open Questions?

  • 2 min read

There is a beautiful tool that you can use to connect with others in a conversation: Open Questions. You may be asking, “What is an Open Question?” My answer is, “Exactly, you just used one!” They don’t have a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, the inquiry allows an answer that comes from the mind of the one being asked. There is no definitive answer that is right or wrong, and the answer is not subject to judgment.

Learning at Home

  • 3 min read

The words above – learning at home – mean something different to most people after the events of this past year. The pandemic has interrupted… Read More »Learning at Home