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Book Review: The Proximity Principle

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A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine made a recommendation for three books. The titles included The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman. Because I knew him, trusted him, and desired to find out more about what he wanted to share, I ordered the books without another thought. 

The Book

Photo of book cover, The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman
The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman available from Ramsey Books

They’ve arrived, and now it’s time to digest them, starting with The Proximity Principle. Ostensibly, it is a book about finding work that is important to you, that matters, and that you desperately need. It’s about career opportunities, career changes, and finding a meaningful purpose for your life. But I found that the book had much more to offer.

I mentioned that I was planning to digest the book. But I have to tell you that on this one, I hardly chewed! It was so interesting that I read it in one day, in three sittings, one for each of the three sections of the book (see what I did there ?). I highly recommend it to you, regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or career. Ken Coleman constructed a quality, well-thought-out book.

The Theory

The first chapter presents the definition of the basic proximity principal theory. The Proximity Principle is all about finding opportunities to do what you love by getting around the right people and being in the right places. Then, in the chapters that follow, Coleman explains who is in the five different types of right people you want to know. This is followed by a description of the five different right places where you want to position yourself. Finally, at the end of each chapter, he includes some questions or tasks for you to help put the principal into practice.

Photo of two people meeting, with several more looking on.
Part of the Proximity Principle is knowing the right people.

Regarding practice, the third section of the book outlines the disciplines necessary to put the proximity principle into action. In this way, he provides specific help for those looking for a job or career change.

The Plan

Right now, I plan to order and send copies to some of my friends who are seeking a path toward a new career and purpose. Then I will go back through chapter by chapter and work on Ken’s principle, writing down concrete actions that I can do to pull this idea into my life. I predict that it will make a positive change for me. Thus, I hope you get the book and read it. I am certain that you will agree that this book has the potential to unlock opportunities for all of us.

“America’s Career Coach,” Ken Coleman

Maybe you have already read the book or will decide to follow my recommendation to read The Proximity Principle. If so, please take a moment to let me know in the comments below. This will encourage others as we seek to be around the right people in the right places. Then as we do this, we will find opportunities, purpose, and fulfillment.

Here are book reviews from P H Tyson & Associates! And yes, I do plan to read and review the other two books! Hat-tip to Dennis Volpe for the recommendation.

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