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Is Communication Your Top Priority?

The teacher of the first formal public speaking course I went to introduced me to my favorite communication quote.  After researching the quote, I found that the author was Bob Aronson. Bob had worked as a consultant and radio talk show host (among other communication-related jobs) in his early life.  Then he retired and moved to Jacksonville, Florida.  There he continued to show through his actions that communication was indeed his top priority. He died in October 2018 at the age of 79. 

Bob’s Priority

Organ donors save lives.  Bob Aronson showed that communication is required as a priority to enable organ donation.

In 2007 Bob received a new heart and realized firsthand the importance of medical transplants. This prompted him to start the Organ Transplant Initiative.  This Facebook support group helped thousands of people who, like Bob, had been the beneficiary of life-saving gifts from others.  Because of the gift he had received, he dedicated time and effort to educate others and give them encouragement. He wanted them to take part in the miracle of organ transplantation by becoming donors.  His life showed the importance of communication.  Bob knew that without human interaction and the exchange of ideas, even the noble act of saving another life though organ donation may struggle for widespread understanding, support, and acceptance.

With that background and understanding of a man who knew the importance of communication, and who was able to place it in perspective with what truly matters to humanity, I present the tagline from his communication consulting company:

If communication is not your top priority, then all your other priorities are at risk.

Bob Aronson

Lee’s Priority

Several years ago, I contacted Bob and asked him for permission to use his quote for my company.  He told me that I was free to use it, reproduce it, and have it.  I appreciate what he gave me with this quote because he had touched on an often-overlooked idea.  Communication, with the ability to perform it effectively (transmission and reception), along with what it produces (shared comprehension in the minds of two or more people), is the bed-rock foundation for all other human endeavors.  To put it another way and to quote Lee Iacocca, the automobile executive:

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your brains won’t get you anywhere.”

Lee Iacocca
Communication is the top priority when speaking to a room full of people (as shown) or to one person.

Communication is versatile.  With it, we can rally others to our cause. Also, we can convince others of a new way of understanding. Communication transfers emotion from one soul to another.  Through effective dynamic speaking, we can inspire others with new purpose and direction. Additionally, we can persuade others to change their minds and can educate, inform, and entertain.  When you get down to the basics of all human activity, communication is at the core.  Without communication, the communal building of towers will cease, national diplomacy will be withdrawn, and human conflict may ensue.

Pete’s Priority

Thus I modify Iacocca’s quote, combine it with Aronson’s, and mix in the definition of success from John Maxwell:

“You can have the greatest ideas in the world, but if you can’t communicate them, they won’t do anybody any good.”

Peter Tyson

Do your life goals include success in finances, relationships, politics, religion, education, science, or any other area? If so, you must work on communication.  Make communication your top priority. 

Today’s CommLink, Is Communication Your Top Priority.  Look for more Dynamic Speaking Principles from P H Tyson & Associates.

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