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The Three P’s of My Voice

Ask anyone to tell you what makes the worst public speaker. Regardless of whether they are thinking of a teacher, trainer, politician, or anyone else who speaks before a crowd, they will tell you one thing. Boring!  That’s right, the monotone speaker remains at one volume, one tone, and one rate. Because of that, the Boring speaker demonstrates no passion, shows no enthusiasm, and brings no excitement.  No Pitch, Power, or Pace!

Instead, here is the Dynamic Speaking Principle that will take you out of boring and bring your communication to life. When you use this principle, you will leave monotone behind and add color, texture, and highlights to your speaking. The Three P’s of My Voice.

Musician singing close to microphone with Pitch, Power, and Pace.
Pitch, Power, Pace in Singing,
same as for Public Speaking!


This refers to the highs and lows of your intonation.  This is how the most dynamic speakers soar in mid-sentence or phrase, then bring it back down at the end to convey certainty.  This will work in any language or in any context.  The first way to avoid monotone: go high, go low, and mix it up with the natural rise and fall of your content.


Power uses the resonance from your chest cavity to emphasize and convey your message, and power includes knowing when to dial it back to a near-whisper.  With a quiet voice, you bring your audience in close and they will hang on your words.  Then you bring on the power and they connect with your passion, experiencing the contagious nature of enthusiasm.


Not only can you vary your pitch and power from high to low and from soft to loud, but you can use tempo and rate to your advantage.  First, speed up and breeze through a familiar concept or idea. Then slow down and appreciate every word, every inflection, and every nuance as you convey something serious, tender, or thoughtful.

Practice using Pitch, Power, and Pace in your dynamic public speaking. You will prevent the speaker doldrums and avoid a dull, flat delivery. With them, you will escape the worst thing that any public speaker can be accused of – being Boring!

The Three P’s of My Voice – today’s CommLink.  Be sure to look for more Dynamic Speaking Principles from P H Tyson & Associates.

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