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Together, We Can Do Anything

No one can do everything; Everyone can do something; Together, we can do anything.

Henry Ford

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has turned this planet upside down. Human life, as each knows it uniquely, and civilization, as we know it collectively, is in the midst of a tectonic shift. But one thing has remained constant in the middle of the battle against the horrible COVID-19. The American tendency to politicize everything. However, I have no intent to do that here. I simply want to think about people. You and me.

COVID-19, The Enemy

I am writing while we are only in the beginning stages of the battle, or so I have been told. Nearly 175,000 Americans, and over 800,000 for the world-wide total, have confirmed infections. Untold others already carry the contagion within them. This is a minuscule percentage of the estimated 7.8 billion on this earth (less than 1/100th of 1 percent). But, it is 100% scary for all and 100% terrifying for those in its clutches and struggling to breathe.

So what can we do about it? Although Henry Ford was addressing the expansion of the human condition through innovation, design, and production, his comment is appropriate for this situation. We need human innovation, clever design, and rapid/accurate production to create the means by which to battle the enemy.

No one can do everything;

There is no single human being that can by themselves fix this problem. If I quarantine myself, as an individual, this in itself does nothing to stem the tide of the advance against humanity. A single person making personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, shields) for medical staff can’t hope to conquer the problem of safety for all of those on the front lines. Alone, if a scientist discovers a remedy, that act will not halt the disease – it must be combined with the efforts of others.

Everyone can do something;

But we as individuals can all do some of these things! Adhering to advice designed to reduce or prevent person-to-person spread is possible (although for some, seemingly unbearable). Cleaning surfaces, washing hands, and monitoring one’s own health are all achievable. Those with sewing talent can now help make fabric masks for others who need them as they comfort and treat people who are sick. The pharmaceutical industry, medical scientists, and researchers all can do their part to innovate, design, and produce cures and remedies. Countless people do their part to enable the medical breakthrough that we all so desperately need.

Together, we can do anything!

The momentum produced by the actions of millions, or billions, of the human inhabitants of this planet, is amazing. We have seen what has been accomplished by small pockets of humanity. Just look at the seven wonders, modern technology, or the out-of-this-world reach to the moon, planets, and stars if you need to see accomplishments. One day this current disaster will end. Then, we will look around and see one more thing that, by God’s grace, is part of “anything.” Truly, the efforts of one, carried on by everyone, will come together to overpower the seemingly unstoppable enemy of us all.

Together, We Can Do Anything, today’s ActionLink.


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