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Communication Connection

Peter Tyson, owner and founder of PH Tyson & Associates

Communication is all about connection.

Now, as I type in these words, I tremble a bit. I am not very good at this. Often I feel that I am alone, walking around through life, and bumping into those around me. There are few people that I truly connect with. I want to connect more, and more often.

Connection requires communication. This is more than my ability to talk to someone else, but this includes my ability to listen. Not just listen to the words they say, but to understand who they are behind those words. It is my ability to listen, understand, and relate.

All of this is expressed in the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI). When I look the term up on the internet, I read that EI is “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”

That is what I want. I want to understand (aware), manage (control), and explain (express) who I am to others. But more than that, I would like to experience who those around me are. The interesting thing is when I seek to use EI to “handle” my relationships with others, and if they are earnestly seeking the same thing in reverse (they want to relate to me), as we communicate, we have a chance to connect.

Peter Tyson, owner and founder of PH Tyson & Associates

So, it boils down to this: I need to use EI to understand, manage, and explain myself, while those around me are using EI to understand, manage, and explain themselves. Which brings me to my request – for those that know me, please be patient as I learn who I am. Because I would like to know who you are. Let’s connect. That starts with communication which leads to connection.

Communication Connection, today’s CommLink. Look for more communication and leadership principles and thoughts from P H Tyson & Associates.

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