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Looki Notes Packs


“Looki Here”

Your tool for virtual communication connection!  Looki Notes Packs provides a stack of 25 notes of one design.

Looki Notes - logo for the video conferencing tool

Your tool for virtual communication connection!

Looki Notes Packs are available in 6 designs!

Looki Notes is a Video Conferencing tool that will increase engagement, presence, and online connection.  No longer will your audience wonder what you are doing and what you are interested in.  With Looki Notes, you will show them that you are interested in conversation and collaboration!  Click here for the rationale behind Looki Notes.

Looki Notes Packs provide a stack of 25 notes of your favorite design.

Place a Looki on your Computer Webcam!

Looki Notes are simple to use!  Start by selecting a note from the pack.  Then, peel and stick to your laptop, desktop monitor, or device.  Be sure to align the hole in the note over the webcam.  Looki Notes reminds you where to look.  Maintaining eye contact is one of the most effective and important tools you have in a live conversation.  Now, with Looki Notes, you can bring the common things of in-person dialogue to your online conversation.  Your audience sees you interested, engaged, and connected.

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  I stand behind my products, services, and communication skills training.  If you determine that Looki Notes do not improve your online presence and engagement, simply return the unused product.  I will gladly refund your complete purchase price.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.125 × 0.25 in

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