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Leadership, leadership principles, and key leadership attributes have been debated for centuries.  Whether leaders are born, developed, self-proclaimed, or heirs to a throne, history has taught us that being an effective leader has nearly always been more about actions than titles or positions.  In this video lesson, LtCol Kevin “Buzz” Erker, USMC Retired, presents his thoughts on leadership from a different perspective.  As a 22-year F/A-18 Combat Veteran and Test Pilot, Buzz’s discussion on leadership challenges, accepted norms, and historically-defined leadership concepts will introduce you to the idea of leading from a position of execution rather than from a position of the title.

LtCol Erker’s military experience includes the F-35 Requirements Office and flying as a T-45 and F-35 Test Pilot.  He had command of the Navy’s Strike Aircraft Test Squadron, VX-23, in Patuxent River, Maryland.


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