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Communication and Public Speaking Training

If communication is not your top priority,
then all your other priorities are at risk.

– Bob Aronson

P H Tyson & Associates is ready to provide you and your team with customized communication and public speaking training.  Contact us with your training needs and particular application.  One of the most common courses we have offered is the Executive Communication Master Class (ECMC), tailored for Facilitation, Presentation, or Workforce Training.  However, we have experience in applying Dynamic Speaking principled to specific communication needs.  For example, we helped high school students get ready for debates.  Also, we have coached non-profit leaders as they prepared to launch a fundraising campaign.  Additionally, we assisted church leaders to improve their interaction with the congregation from the pulpit.

Bring your team internal and external communication to a new level by learning about efficient and effective messaging techniques.  I’ll teach you the best way to organize a written or oral status report.  We will learn how to create consistency in your message.  Finally, we can design a communication plan tailored to your individual stakeholders and teammates.  Customized communication training for your team.

One of the best ways to respect your audience is through proper preparation and organization.  With preparation and organization, you are able to concentrate on the conversation that you want to have with your audience.  Together we will discuss the best practices, techniques, and principles designed to help you prepare, organize, and deliver an outstanding presentation to your audience.  Respect your audience with organization and preparation.

Gain an appreciation for the power of Dynamic Speaking by understanding the Key Principles.  First, we will focus on the foundation of eye contact, voice control, and gestures.  Then, I’ll provide you with a customized list of what to concentrate on in your personal growth and development toward becoming an excellent speaker!  Personalized training on your path to Dynamic Public Speaking.

  • Lunch-and-learn:  Pack maximum learning and team fellowship into a 45 minute focused discussion on a communication principle.
  • Training Session:  Topically organized lectures for maximum flexibility.  Combine into a day of training, or split out over weeks or months.
  • Communication Seminar:  Custom-developed for your particular communication task and for your team.
  • Executive Communication Master Class (ECMC):  Three-day class designed to give the tools required for Dynamic Public Speaking.
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