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About Us

Our specialty is training, our passion is teaching. We aim to assist you in your personal and professional growth through the study and practical application of proven leadership methods.

Peter Tyson

Founder & Owner

Peter is the founder and owner of PHTyson & Associates. He’s a certified coach, teacher, and speaker. Peter launched PHTyson & Associates back in 2013 to follow his passion, teaching! Peter gained his experience from 21 years as a US Navy Officer, helicopter test pilot, test pilot instructor, program manager, system engineer, and leader. Peter believes in making every second in the training room memorable and enjoyable. He strives to create a training experience worthy of the investment of your most precious commodity –your time!

Cathy Backhaus

Associate & Teacher

Cathy joined our team back in 2019 as a part-time research assistant. She wears multiple hats here at PH Tyson & Associates. Her passion is teaching, working with children, and encouraging families in the education of their children. Cathy has been teaching in various capacities and school systems from Elementary K-8, High School 9-12, Sunday Schools, Bible Studies, and Homeschool Co-Ops since 1977. In 2022, Cathy launched her own classes under the PH Tyson umbrella, in addition to providing support to parents and fellow educators.