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IEW Writing & Literature Classes


Using the IEW “Wonders of Science Writing Lessons,” we will learn the necessary tools that will advance students’ writing with note-taking, retelling, dress-ups, sentence openers, and decorations. We will also practice our grammar and learn new vocabulary.

We will meet for an hour of instruction each week for 30 weeks. Moderate homework will be assigned along with extra opportunities for individual encouragement, tutoring, and editing help during office hours when needed.

*Please note – The Wonders of Science Writing Lessons is listed on the IEW website as a 3-5th grade textbook. With minor adjustments, this book will easily fit the needs of any 5-7th grader as well.

Class Schedule

Tuesdays 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  • First day of class: August 29
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 21
  • Last day of first semester: December 12
  • First day of second semester: January 16
  • Winter Break: February 20
  • Easter Break: March 26
  • Last day of class: May 7

Class Materials

The Wonders of Science Writing Lessons  
Laptop, or access to a computer
Notebook/Organizational supplies
Pen and pencil
Email address

Once registered, students will receive a Google Classroom sign-in.

Interested in this class?

If you’re interested in registering for a class using a different textbook, please email Cathy. Every effort will be made to schedule additional Elementary classes.

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By Lori Verstegen

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