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IEW Writing & Literature Classes


Using one of the IEW-themed writing textbooks, we will learn the necessary tools that will elevate students’ writing with note-taking, retelling, dress-ups, sentence openers, and decorations. We will also practice our grammar and learn new vocabulary.

These writing classes include a literature component if desired. This would provide literary analysis, as well as the study of various techniques used by authors to enhance their stories and characters. When registering, please notify Cathy if this interests you so that arrangements can be made.

Class Schedule

Monday or Tuesdays
Class day and time will be determined based on the interest and availability of students.

Class Materials

Textbook Options:
One of the following textbooks by Lori Verstegen
Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons
Medieval History-based Writing Lessons
US History-Based Writing Lessons
Modern History-Based Writing

Laptop, or access to a computer
Notebook/Organizational supplies
Pen and pencil
Email address

Once registered, students will receive a Google Classroom sign-in.

Interested in these classes?

Reach out to Cathy Backhaus for more information and registration details. 

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