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Analytical Literature & Composition

Class Overview

This class works well for any high school student who can write an understandable paragraph with a topic sentence and is familiar with writing formal essays.

As Ms. Myers states in the course overview, “It teaches students how to read, infer, analyze, and write about literature. Additionally, it recognizes the power of literature to influence readers for good or for ill, and consequently seeks to teach students to recognize an author’s worldview and exercise discernment when reading.”

Analytical techniques (annotating, inferring, outlining, and developing discernment), literary elements (plot and structure, characters, theme, setting, point of view), and literary devices and tools (allusions, parallelism, euphemism, symbolism, anaphora, and epistrophe, imagery, and irony) will be covered through instruction, reading, writing, and practice exercises.

We will meet for an hour of instruction each week for 30 weeks, with moderate homework assigned regularly. Additional time for individual encouragement, tutoring and editing help will also be provided weekly when needed.

Class Schedule

Wednesdays 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
  • First day of class: August 30
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 22
  • Last day of first semester: December 13
  • First day of second semester: January 17
  • Winter Break: February 21
  • Easter Break: March 27
  • Last day of class: May 8

Class Materials

Windows to the World – An Introduction to Literary Analysis by Lesha Myers, M.Ed.; First Edition, January 2008. Everything we’ll read and analyze is contained within the textbook.

Additional Supplies: Highlighters, Notebook/Organizational system, Laptop or access to a computer, Pen and pencil, email address.

Once registered, students will receive a Google Classroom sign-in.

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